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Sunday School
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Our Mission

Our Children are the most important asset. Future of Islam in North America. The goal of the ICCI Sunday school is to give basic Islamic education to our children.
The school’s program reflects a commitment of teachers, staff, and administrators to address the needs of each and every student. We welcome parents’ ideas and support in our efforts to serve the young and growing Muslims of tomorrow. As parents bring their children to school, we want to work with them in the spirit of a true partnership in making this investment of time, effort, and resources fruitful for children, satisfying for parents, and rewarding for all those at the school.


For further details and registration information, you may call us at: 773-836-7217 Ext#4

Or visit the ICCI on a Sunday

To contact the Board of Education Chairperson, please email:

Br. Mohamad Dana at: