SNL is a simple that program started on February 9th, 2013.


Bring Muslim youth (boys and girls age 13-18) to the Masjid and help them to feel comfortable there. We also want to give the youth in that age group role models who are closer to their age.
It runs parallel with the adults lecture (darss) every Saturday between Maghrib and Isha (summer time) and after Isha (winter time). Every week we have a different host from one of the 8 organizers. The host is in charge of livening up the crowd and introduces each segment.

First Segment:

We always begin SNL with recitation and tafsir of selected ayahs from the Quran. This helps quiet down the crowd and everyone pays attention. After that the host briefly covers the schedule for tonight’s show.

Second Segment:

Question and prize session follows, where 2 questions are asked. It’s a trivia. One question is Islamic knowledge while the other question is random science, math, history, world record questions.

Third Segment:

After that we have the Hadith segment. We’ve been following imam Nawawi’s 40 Hadith. The reason why we chose them is because his collection of ahadiths is supposed to give you a comprehensive picture if Islam and the proper understanding of this Deen. If someone understands these 40 hadiths well, then he is in good shape as far as knowing the aspects of Islam. So far we are on the 8th Hadith after 6 months, alhamdulilah.

Fourth Segment:

Following the Hadith is a main Darss segment. This is either given by one of the organizers or a guest speaker. It is the longest segment of the night and goes for about 20-25 minutes. It is very open and any topics are allowed.

Fifth Segment:

Next is the Video segment which is everyone’s favorite segment. The video segment is supposed to be fun not informative and educational. We have an organizer in charge of selecting a video that is funny, cool, random interesting or unique. We do not encourage them to show videos that are clearly Islamic or have a clear Islamic message. We get good responses.

Sixth Segment:

After that it is usually a segment we call “talk and think” where the host introduces a thought provoking a question and the audience talks amongst their peers and think about the question. We get many unique answers.
We are trying to improve every week, with the help of Allah (SWT) then the commitment of everyone.