YMI: Young Muslims at ICCI

Young Muslims at ICCI (YMI) is a program that is typically held every Saturday night. This program is planned and prepared, guided by the youth director, by the very same youth that came so eager to help and bring the community together.

Its main goal is to inspire the youth in exciting and fresh ways to spread awareness about Islam and build good Islamic character. The content of these gatherings include lectures, life lessons, games, and much more.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 all programs are canceled until further notice.
However, we are still running our program virtually every Saturday on Instagram. Please follow us @youngmuslimsaticci 

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“My favorite part about YMI is learning many new things!”

Jureen Mahmud

“I love the events! I can’t wait for more!”

Omar Masoud

“My favorite part is the feeling of being welcomed. It’s true.”

Adam Deeb