Ramadan Kids’ Program

The Islamic Community Center of Illinois, Ramadan Kids’ program has been running since 2008. Its main purposes are to provide our community a sense of easy, providing a safe place for their children to be when coming to pray Taraweeh.

It’s always a program that is greeted with tons of support from the parents and has grown from just a couple of babysitters for the younger ages (newborn -5 years) to a full curriculum for newborns to 13 years old, both boys and girls. In recent years the program has expanded its resources in helping the other older youth (ages 16-26), who stand as counselors to the program. We provide them with basic work/life ethics to build a solid foundation for their future careers.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, all programs are canceled until further notice.
Nevertheless, we provided our community with a spreadsheet filled with fun activities’ and daily lessons to do at home.

Fun Ramadan Activites

A Throwback to Ramadan 2019

On behalf of the ICCI community, we would like to wish all brothers and sisters a Ramadan Mubarak! Although we cannot have our usual youth program and Taraweeh prayers at the masjid, we will be hosting a number of events on Instagram live! These will take place the youth account Instagram, @youthmuslimsaticci as well as our Facebook! @ICCIChicagoIllinois We ask Allah (SWT) to make this a successful Ramadan, and that we may all return to the masjid soon in good health and well-being!