Ramadan Youth Program


Plain and simple, the goal behind Ramadan program was to keep the kids together and follow a program fit for their age in an Islamic environment and make sure that they come out with a little more knowledge in the religion. The youth in charge of this program also wanted to make sure the young youth attending this program understand the beauty of this deen.


Isha (Led by an organizer )
Taraweeh (led by an organizer)
Mini Darss (Organizer, guest speaker, fathers, ICCI Members)
Taraweeh (led by an organizer)
Sports ( basketball, soccer, football, )

Along the way:

Alhamdulilah running the youth program gave the ICCI youth an opportunity to be Imam for the night. Since they were all joining the Quran Competition it was a great opportunity for them to practice. When one of them would lead the younger kids (10, 11, 12 year old) would be whispering and following along with the Imam.
A younger brother had the opportunity to make duaa for Witr once and he was reciting these duaas that the Sheikh recites with no hesitation, masha Allah, he neither stopped to think nor did he forget.